Sunday, March 25, 2007

Poor Richard

Richard and a friend, Glen, were carrying our old TV (we got a new one - yippee!) down the stairs. Richard was leading the way and as he turned a corner his body moved and his leg didn't, or at least something went amok, because suddenly there was PAIN. Fortunately (thank you, God) he didn't fall and the other guy was able to grab the TV. He sat down immediately on the stairs, feeling a little faint. He sent Glen on his way saying he was sure he'd be okay.

He was in tremendous pain, so it didn't take long to decide on a trip to the ER. So we spent our Sunday afternoon in the hospital, and we're glad we did. As it turned out, he wrenched his left thigh muscle pretty bad. We returned home with some pain pills and Ibruprofen and he went to bed and slept very soundly. He stayed down all of Monday, was up on crutches Tues, advanced to one crutch Wed and Thurs and to no crutches on Fryday. He's off all but the Ibuprofen. Unfortunately he's also off of work. Sitting in a truck all day, much less getting in and out of it, would be quite a challenge at this point. So it looks like he will be off for at least two weeks. He's getting a taste of retirement, although I'm sure he'd agree he isn't quite ready to go there yet.

Grandparents again!!!!!!

We're going to be Gramma and Papa again! Katie and Forrest told us the big news on Christmas morning, but we couldn't really announce it until they'd had a chance to announce it at church (remember, he's a pastor). Finally they got that done, so now I'm here to tell the world! They gave us each a baby bib. Richard's says "Grandpa Loves Me" and mine says "I Love Going to Grandma's" We were very surprised. I really thought I would guess when it happened, but they totally fooled me. They were 6 weeks along then.

She is now in her 19th week, which translates to 4 1/2 months. She's beginning to show just a bit and is now enjoying it, since months 2, 3 and 4 were pretty miserable. She's now felt the baby move ever-so-slightly and they will find out on April 5th if it's a boy or girl. The due date is August 25. Our only other grandchild, Ainsley, will turn four on August 13th, so we may just have two August babies.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Back to Work

I'm back at the college bookstore again. I started yesterday and will work through the 17th. That covers the first week and a half of school, when it's the busiest. I'm mostly a cashier, but I can do other things too. I really enjoy returning each semester and working with the people there, interacting with the staff and students. Each semester I get the urge to take a class, and I've actually done it three or four times. I was priming myself to take a journalism class this semester, but then, don't you know, it was canceled! When it's slow I can browse through the catalog, so maybe I'll find something yet.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Greetings!

It is the Wed before Christmas and I just finished baking two batches of cookies. I made a variety of cookie mixes this year to give as gifts (you know, the ones with the ingredients layered in quart jars), so I decided it was time to actually try some out before I give them away. I tried the Raisin Crunch Cookie and the Chocolate Covered Raisin Cookie. Both are excellent! I'll be taking some to Fresno tomorrow where we're celebrating our Fry Christmas at Mom's in Clovis, in conjunction with a dinner for the housemates and families (board and care home). Peter and Noreen will be there with me and Katie. Richard will be driving and Forrest will be preaching. Ah, such is life.

On Saturday we'll gather with Dad and about half of the Hofers at Steve and Becky's for some German Mennonite food. (Our men will make it to that one!)

Katie and Forrest will be with us Sunday and Monday, so we're looking forward to that. Jim, Janelle and Ainsley will be celebrating at their home in Washington.

All that being said, I wish you a very warm Christmas as you gather together with family and/or friends, renewing your ties and celebrating the birth of our saviour, Jesus.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Events

Richard's side of the family had their annual Christmas gathering on Saturday in Fresno at a cousin's home. It's always a great time of playing catch-up and eating together. This year's theme was Italian and boy did we enjoy the eating part!
Sunday afternoon/evening our church choir had it's Christmas cantata. There were two performances with a potluck supper in between (for the choir members). It was a beautiful program and setting, and I trust a blessing for those who came. I know it was for me.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Prince of Peace

I went with Katie to Bethany Church's annual women's dessert/boutique last night. It was great fun. The speaker was Pam Farrell who has authored quite a few books. She has a great sense of humor and good presentation. Among other things, she challenged us to embrace God as one of the following: Everlasting Father, Mighty God, Prince of Peace. I choose the Prince of Peace because I find total peace in Him. Life seems to hum along a little better with that underlying sense of the Peace that only can come from God.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

New Kittens

We have two new kitties at our house. I went to the SPCA on Ray Appleton Day (a Wed) and chose two - a male and a female. I had to leave them there to have their surgeries, then brought them home the next Saturday. We named them Max and Chloe. Max is a3 mo. old orange tabby and Chloe is a 2 mo. old grey tabby. I could tell at the shelter that Max had a lot of personality, which is why I chose him. After we got him home and watched him in action, we started calling him Rambo - because he was so very "rambunctious". Chloe is a much quieter, dignified girl, but my mouth keeps wanting to say "Cleo".

Unfortunately, Chloe came home with an upper respiratory infection so I had to take them both back to the SPCA Vet on Monday. Now after 14 days of antibiotics they are both still sneezing, so I took them back in today. He gave me meds for another 14 days or so, and hopefully that will take care of it.

Right now they're being house cats, but as soon as they kick the sneezing they'll be introduced to the great outdoors. We think Rambo Max will be a great little mouser, and hope that Chloe will follow his lead. We haven't had a kitten around for a very long time. We're both enjoying them a lot!